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cat hugging dog compassionately for the furry friends fund at Faust animal hospital

The Furry Friends Fund was created out of need...a need for those who are experiencing financial hardship and may be forced to make medical decisions based on their ability to pay. The staff at Faust recognized that care should not be determined by the ability to pay. The Furry Friends Fund gives all animals an equal chance - animals that need medication could potentially die without treatment or those who have reached their end of life and need to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. We don't want any animal to suffer solely due to lack of funds.

We have been blessed with many amazing clients who have given from their hearts to make this fund a successful and ongoing aspect of the Faust experience. We are so grateful for each and every donation that comes in to help and any amount is accepted and very much appreciated. We have clients who donate every time they come in by adding a dollar to their bill and some that donate monthly. Together, we can make a huge difference to many patients...one dollar at at time.


Meet Ruby, she is the reason Furry Friends Fund was created. Her story is one of sadness and triumph. She came in with a badly broken leg and a family who was unable to care for her. Her tender spirit and gentleness in moments of complete agony drove us to find a way to help her. We reached out to our clients asking for help. We were blessed with an outpouring of love and money. We realized that she is not the only pet who walks through our doors in need of assistance. Thus, the Furry Friends Fund was born.


Thank you for your kindness and support.

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