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  • We say good-bye to Dr. Garthe
    Dear Faust Clients,     This letter comes to you to let you know that Dr. Garthe is no longer a part of our Faust team.  While in transition we want to assure you that we Read more
  • Happy New Year 2018
    As one year comes to an end, and an New Year is upon us we want to take a moment to say Thank you.  Thank you for allowing us the Read more
  • The Truth About Shaving
    What you need to know about shaving your pets Read more
  • Safety first on Halloween
    WAYS TO KEEP YOUR PET SAFE THIS HALLOWEEN FROM DR. WIBLINI want to talk TRICKS to keep you pets safe and happy this Halloween.  Halloween is a fun time of Read more
  • Leptospirosis is HERE in the Valley of the Sun
     We have been educating, discussing and providing information about this zoonotic disease for almost 2 years. Only recently has it made headlines in the Valley of the Sun when 9 dogs Read more
  • A note about Elizabethan Collars (E-collars)
     With many of our patients leaving with "E-collars" this letter from a canine professional was too good not to share.  This speaks volumes to the reason we are so adamant Read more
  • FREE ASPCA Pet Poison App
    Ran across this little gem, knew we needed to share this with everyone!!!  What a great tool to have in the palm of your hand.  A simple click to figure Read more
  • What you need to know about Canine Influenza - DOG FLU.
    All it takes is one interaction for your pet to contract Dog Flu.A simple vaccination can keep your dog safe and help reduce the spread of the virus.We have been Read more
  • Heartworm On The Rise in Phoenix
    We have always educated and discussed the importance of heartworm prevention, but with the recent influx of Hurricane Harvey animals, it is more important than ever!!!We were recently informed of Read more
  • Rimadyl Saving Card - Earn Cash Back
    Rimadyl is expensive, but effective so worth every penny, here is a quick link for you to earn money back on every purchase.  https://www.rimadyl.com/rimadyl-rewards Read more
  • Pets lost and anxiety issues result of the 4th of July
    July 4th DiscussionDid you know that more pets are lost on the 4th of July then any other day of the year.  Unlike us they do not enjoy the sound Read more
    FDA Alerts Veterinarians and Pet Food Manufacturers about Potential Presence of Thyroid Hormones in Pet Foods and TreatsPlease note the following food recall.  If you think your pet has been Read more
  • Dental Month is here again 2017!!!
    February is National Pet Dental Health Month!!!!!The odor that you smell might be a warning sign your pet needs a dental. Undetected dental disease could be putting your pet's teeth at Read more
  • Benefits of coconut oil and your pet's health
    What an awesome thought, something inexpensive that could possibly provide health benefit to your pet's health; coconut oil.  Below is an article directly from our website offering some of the health Read more
  • Tea Tree oil poisoning
    Tea Tree oil is used for so many different things in humans, but to a dog or cat can be extremely toxic, even fatal.  We have a patient who is Read more
  • Monsoon season and your dogs anxiety, yes we can help.
    Monsoon season is here and with it comes some exciting weather including sudden storms accompanied by thunder, lightning, blowing dust,  and noisy rainfall.  For some pets this can be very Read more

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