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Wellness plans for all life stages

Faust Animal Hospital offers a progressive new approach to veterinary care. Our Wellness Program embraces a focus on preventative medicine based on the specific life-stage of your pet. Each patient is assessed individually based on factors such as species, breed, age, and environmental exposure. After a complete assessment, we are able to offer recommendations for prevention, nutrition, and diagnostic workups appropriate for your pet.

For our clients utilizing our Wellness Program exams, vaccines, heartworm testing, heartworm prevention are all included. Each plan has different options, the options are determined by what the patient will require throughout the year to ensure health and well-being. Our plans are designed to cover all life-stages from baby to senior. With good preventative care, we can protect our pets from disease and illness. With annual diagnostics, we are given an opportunity for early detection of possible life-threatening conditions.

We know that preventative care for your pet is a priority, but budgets don't always allow the ability to provide our yearly recommendations. Our Wellness Plans make preventative care more affordable. By dividing the yearly cost over 12 months, there is a Wellness Plan to fit almost any budget.

Please review our puppy, kitten, adult and senior care plans, if you have any questions our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you.

Puppy Plan Description

Puppy Plans


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Kitten Plans

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Senior Feline Plans

To better understand how Wellness Plans work takes a moment to watch this video. It will provide you a simple, easy explanation of wellness care.

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